Shipping Costs

CHZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5Zone 6
500 gn.a.09.0009.0013.0018.0018.00n.a.
1 kgn.a.12.0012.0018.0030.0030.00n.a.
2 kgn.a.23.0023.0030.0042.0042.00n.a.
2 kg with Tracking*7.0034.0037.0041.0044.0048.0053.00
5 kg with Tracking*9.7042.0047.0053.0057.0062.0077.00
10 kg with Tracking*9.7046.0055.0065.0076.0089.00113.00
15 kg with Tracking*20.5051.0063.0075.0097.00120.00155.00
20 kg with Tracking*20.5056.0072.0087.00119.00151.00186.00
25 kg with Tracking*20.5061.0079.0097.00137.00177.00217.00
30 kg with Tracking*20.5066.00107.00107.00154.00201.00253.00
* tracking is not available in all countries


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