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Cycling jersey (unisex)

CHF 75.00

  • Long zip at the front with locking device at the neck to prevent chafing
  • Odourless and anti-bacterial mesh with UV protection on the back and sides
  • Flexible fabric for maximum comfort and freedom of movement
  • Sleeves made from soft AEROHOLE material for maximum aerodynamics
  • The compressed fabric on sleeves and shoulders, offers minimal wind resistance
  • A micro-perforated mesh on the back and sides guarantees absolute and constant breathability
  • Front made of PLUTÓN material, a soft and compact fabric with a satin sheen, for a perfect fit to any body without wrinkles.
  • Skin-friendly seams that do not rub against the skin despite sweat and movement
  • 3-piece jersey pockets on the back
  • Unisex, so the sizes are cut rather small
  • Weight is 168 g
  • Main in Spain
  • Size Chart